STOP killing our children!

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Those who know me can tell that I have a free spirit and love all colors, religions, countries. I avoid posting controversial articles. Today, I’m breaking all my rules.

As a caring human being, I MUST speak my mind.

It’s your right not to agree with my passion for justice, but please don’t send me hate mail, and feel free to unfriend me on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere you see me.

All my life, I worked at suppressing my childhood memories of Israel’s attacks on my hometown. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen burnt flesh, wailing mothers, and angry fathers holding their dead children. The shelter in my grandparents’ basement became a part-time residence. I feared darkness and dreaded the late hours because I knew we would once again be attacked by the Israeli war planes and missiles. Many nights, I fell asleep on the floor in a corner of the shelter with my hands covering my ears to wake up excited that we were still alive.

Saying a final goodbye to my grandmother before we fled the war.  She was in the exact same  shelter I took refuge in as a child. You can see the pain in all our faces.

Saying a final goodbye to my grandmother before we fled the war.
She was in the exact same shelter I took refuge in as a child.
You can see the pain in all our faces.

With every blast and explosion that shook our home, I wondered if that bomb killed my brother and sister who lived in our hometown’s boarding school. Thankfully, they didn’t get hurt.

Daylight was always a blessing. I rushed down the street to make sure that my friends and relatives weren’t hurt to find out that my aunt who was cowered over her four children to protect them was killed and her brains were splattered on the wall while her kids looked on.

I became emotionless and angry. Life was a battle.

I refrained from posting pictures of the horrors and dead children in Gaza, but I ask you to take a look online. I tried to ignore these images for so many years in an effort to leave the pain behind, but how can I?

Vicious attacks by Israel are happening now and children are being murdered in Gaza while people are celebrating the World Cup victories all over the world.

Israel claimed to have given the Palestinian families notice and asked them to leave before they dropped bombs on their homes.

Where did they want them to go?

Dear Israel,

Palestinian children are NOT the terrorists you’re looking for. They are NOT the enemy. They are beautiful and innocent children that wanted a normal life. They wanted to walk to school without being harassed. They wanted to sit down at a computer desk and play Minecraft. They wanted to watch the Disney Channel.

They will never experience a normal life.

They are now Angels in Heaven.

Unlike the children of Palestine, I was lucky to flee to another country that accepted me and my family. The Ivory Coast became my home for few years till I moved to the United States.

I yearned to go back home to Lebanon to show my husband and kids where I once lived.

In July, 2006, we lived the horrors of another war and plane attacks by Israel. This time with my husband and children. We made it back home safely.

Leaving my parents and my war-torn country behind. Beirut 2006

Leaving my parents and my war torn country behind. Beirut 2006

Who is to blame? Politicians and corrupt governments. They make decisions that destroy civilian lives whether Americans, Palestinians, Israelis, Lebanese, Iraqis, Egyptians and the list goes on.

My identity has been hijacked. My country has been taken over by a religious war and my religion of PEACE, Islam, has been taken over by extremists that perform unthinkable acts in the name of God.

I can no longer hide behind Joel Osteen and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s daily inspirational quotes and Yoga classes while watching the constant daily reminders of the unjust atrocities happening in the Middle East.


My heart aches for the people suffering at the hands of evil. All I can do is pray for goodness and inner peace even though my faith is diminishing.

Where are the Arab leaders?

Where is the United Nations?

How do we make it STOP?

Questions that will forever be unanswered?

Peace to all!

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  1. Manal, this is incredible. And I’m seething because I knew so little of this. We’re not a newsy family, but that’s really no excuse. Sharing this everywhere. Thank you for writing it.
    Considerer recently posted…Pimpin’!My Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing Lizzi! This is an ongoing situation but it’s gotten much worse recently. I think it’s best to be disconnected which I tried to do for so many years. Hugs!

  2. I agree, Manal. I’ve been sitting on a post that I wrote two years ago when missiles were targeting Tel-Aviv and my heart ached for being away. I am horrified by the killing of civilians in Gaza but cannot not feel for my pro-peace friends back home who have to explain war to their kids while hiding at the bomb shelter. I am still not sure whether to repost my post, because I know it’s such a charged topic, but I appreciate you posting yours. It’s written in the spirit of love, not hate.

    • Go Go Girl says:

      It took a lot of thought to post. I’m glad you were able to see that I wrote it with the spirit of love. It’s about human lives. I would love to read your post, Katia! Everyone is suffering except these guys sitting behind their nice Mahogany desks who are so disconnected. Peace and hugs!

  3. I feel very angry that the US is actually supporting these attacks. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong any more….this has been going on for so many years, I doubt whether anyone really knows. All I know is that innocent lives have been lost and are continuing to be lost over a strip of land!!
    Roshni recently posted…7 things I learnt about my kids during our road tripMy Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:

      That’s the truth Roshni! One Arab country can stop this but they have too much to lose and too greedy..Human lives are on the bottom of the list I’m convinced. Peace!

  4. Oh Manal. My heart is breaking in 1,001 pieces for all that is happening. I have to confess that I know very little about the news, as I can barely watch it and honestly have no idea why people are fighting for what they’re fighting for right now. It all seems so incredibly hopeless and anti-family and anti-religion and anti-love. Sending you and your family and your loved ones peace and hopefulness for peace. Winning is only winning when children can go to school, not afraid. When moms can look at a sunny sky and not worry about where the nearest bomb shelter is. This was brave to write.
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…How I Get Inspired to WriteMy Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:

      Thank you so much for the sweet note Kristi! It’s been hard for me to try to stay away from the news. It sucks me into a huge negative world that hurts me and the people around me. Honestly, it is best to not know what’s going on. We’re very lucky to live where we are. Lots of hugs :)

  5. This is heart-wrenching…. every bit of your story and every evil piece of our world’s history. Thank you for your voice in it all. I lower my head in disbelief and once again, let out that ever hopeless sigh of the atrocious consequences these precious innocent people have to endure. God help us all.
    Chris Carter recently posted…What Teenagers Do With Their Pain: TToT: Finding the GoodMy Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:

      Yes Chris, God help us all! All we can do is send love and peace to all that’s suffering out there. Thank you for being a beautiful friend always! Love you!


    Manal, as Americans, I believe we are ignorant to this horror, this hell.

    You say you have SEEN it with your own eyes: burning flesh, Mamas holding their dying babies.

    We’ve only seen this on television.

    What can we do? Will you educated us more on your experiences?

    xxxx LOVE from Here.
    My Inner Chick recently posted…21 Things About Girlfriends, Blogging, Imperfection, Gillian Flynn, & Other ShitMy Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:


      All we can do is send love and peace out there. It’s such a vicious feeling of helplessness. I’ve also learned that it’s best not to discuss it because people go the political route and the humanitarian one. I don’t care about politics. It’s all about human lives. Love you and stay strong!

  7. This war has to end soon, please… I can’t stand people dying for a piece of land, for political interests!
    Lily Lau recently posted…The Most Incredible Science Findings Of 2014 In ImagesMy Profile

  8. Anyone who disagrees with this is not truly seeing the problem at hand. As you say, it is not the children or the civilians who are planning and enacting all of this, but they are the ones who are suffering! All of the Middle East terrors make my heart sad because it really is all about politics and who has the rights to what and WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST COEXIST? My heart is with you and I am so sorry for the pain and suffering you have endured. I could not ever truly understand how you feel but I will always try my best. My husband’s family (aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents) live in Iran and I occasionally hear of the hardships they endure because of political motives and it tears my heart in half. My husband has met his grandmother a total of one time because his parents never thought it was safe enough to take him there. We’ve been able to meet some of his other family in other places (we chose to honeymoon in the Netherlands and stay with his uncles and their families so that he could get to know them) and hope that one day we can make that trip to Iran and see them. I am so happy that your family remained safe when you went to visit in 2006. My heart is with you.
    Raewyn recently posted…Bumpdate: Week 17My Profile

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