Karma, Is that you?

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I’m so happy to be writing the TToT again after a four-month break. Thanks Lizzi for the tweets inviting me to participate over and over. I’m glad you didn’t give up on me.

This week, Karma wins my most thankful and appreciation. She showed up so much earlier than expected. Karma, please tell me you still have lots more in store, right?

Do you all remember my cousins that were set up by government with the help of my cousin Moe and his greedy and trashy wife?


Look what I found while surfing my favorite website. I just love Mr. Google!

Get on with this mug shot so I can get my Botox on.  April 24, 2014

Get on with this mug shot so I can get my Botox on.
April 24, 2014

Ah Madame Cindi, what a nice mug shot but you do look a little stressed out. It looks like your Botox is wearing off a bit. Theft? Oh goodness. Did we need more money for Botox, Louis Vuittons and drugs? Oh wait, you needed food for your kids. What am talking about? The kids don’t need to eat. Where are your kids? Did you abandon them like you did your first beautiful and innocent daughter?

Wait! I got one more!

Ouch Cous!! It looks like you fell for "The Bird"..Too bad you put Mike in prison, he can't bail you out anymore.

Ouch Cous!! It looks like you fell for “The Bird”..Too bad you put Mike away, he can’t bail you out anymore. *The Bird was his code word for drugs*


People, these are the folks that our government pays to strip people of their life savings, dignity and self-worth. Our tax dollars at work. Need I say more?

I lied, I want to say more. The mug shot of Moe was taken the exact same time he was “employed” or “contracted” out with the government. Yes, they gave him a real people legal contract that he violated but criminals have lots more perks than us law-abiding citizens.

I have so much material to write about these two lovely losers but I’ll save it for later.


The last time I wrote a post was when my father got ill at the end of January. My siblings and I traveled to Beirut to say goodbye. One of the toughest trips I’ve ever made but luckily it wasn’t his time. We feel very blessed that Dad’s health continues to improve.

My sister and I with Dad. We're so thankful for his recovery. Love you so much Papa!!

My sister and I with Dad. We’re so thankful for his recovery. Love you so much Papa!!

A month after I came back, It took me a while to get back in my routine, I felt emotionally and physically drained.

Was I tired? Was I frustrated with life? Was I scared?

I was scared. Terrified at the thought of losing my father. I will never be ready to lose a family member.
Sadly, today both my best friends are mourning the very recent losses of their fathers. Nothing I say will make them feel better. I know. All I can do is be there for them when they need me.

For the sake of simplifying my complex life, I decided to give up my real estate company that I owned for 7 years, Cedars Fine Properties. It was a tough decision but thanks to United Real Estate and my new broker, my business life has been simpler and I’m freed of all the dreadful “business owner” paperwork.

I became a great Auntie to the cutest little premie baby boy, Ali. He’s still working on getting his lungs stronger and he’s going to be just fine.


Isn’t he the most precious baby? I love him so much already and can’t wait to hold him.


My son Daniel was picked for a paid internship for the summer with a global Intelligence and Security company. He finished his first week at work in the corporate world and so far he’s loving it. They’re already talking about a possible permanent position. He will finish his last semester at Texas A&M in December. My baby is all grown up.


Guess where he's at?

Guess where he’s at? HA


I’m so excited to be working on a dance campaign for women over 40, “Go Go With Hips In Motion”. My dancer friend, Catherine and I are hoping to launch a video by the end of this year. I’ll be the “Go Go Gofer” and she’ll be the “Hips In Motion”.

I am thankful for life, for all my blessings, for my friends, my family, for my great business, for good health, for my meditations and for my Yoga instructor, Ken Hainline and my Belly Dancing/Zumba teachers for keeping me motivated and energetic.


 Sometimes I feel like taking a bat and impersonating Karma. Have you ever been hurt so bad and wished that Karma would come around in your lifetime?

Please share your story with me so I don’t feel so evil.

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  1. Welcome back to the TToT! I’m glad Lizzi didn’t let up on you about returning.
    You remind me that I need to get back to Zumba class. I love it when I go, but I haven’t gotten the motivation to get myself there in months. I also enjoy Aqua Zumba in the summer.
    Congratulations to your son on his internship! Love the picture; my daughter threw up there when she was 11. Long story that I need to blog about some day!
    Your great nephew is precious. I love itty bitty babies!
    Dyanne @ I Want Backsies recently posted…An Eating, Talking, Laughing, Thankful WeekMy Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:

      Thank you Dyanne! I got lazy about going to Zumba too but I made myself go back. I feel like a different person when I’m done. Can’t wait to read your post about your daughter :) Have a beautiful day!!

  2. Ahhh Manal, it’s so GOOD to see you back with us. Of COURSE I wouldn’t give up on you. And I’m so pleased that you’ve returned with a beautiful list of wonderful things (and that you avoided unleashing vitriol at those two losers…for now ;))
    Considerer recently posted…Dear neighbours, PLEASE DON’T SHOOT THE CHILDREN!My Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:

      Thanks Lizzi! It’s so good to be back! I just wish I could do this full-time but we all know we have to get a job since I’m not working with the government yet, lol.. Hugs from Texas to England :)

  3. i just cringed when I saw those pictures, Manal. Oh do I hope you go into more detail about every thing- I want so badly to know it all, to be with you in this… past and present. I know bits- and remember your stories- but you simply must write more when you are able and willing and recovered and inspired…

    God is a JUST God. This I believe with all my heart. These two? Oh, karma hasn’t even BEGUN to go to work.
    Chris Carter recently posted…Our Beautiful ThingMy Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:

      “God is a JUST God” Amen my friend! I will write about it in more detail in due time and it’s coming soon. Thank you so much for your continuous support. I often daydream about the cousins being out and me having a huge party to invite all of you who’d been so supportive so you all can see how beautiful they are and not the monsters they made them out to be while these two run free in the city.. Hugs Dahling!!

  4. Welcome back Manal! Gosh that baby is fabulous! What a doll! How premie was he? Congrats to your son… I thought of course of DC but also thought they have a monument in Boston like that and cleopatra’s needle in London… I dont know of others but Im glad either way that he is heading toward success in his chosen field! Good luck with the Karma… Im always waiting for it to come back on me! Not to the extent of those two but it makes me vigilant!
    zoe recently posted…A Little Birdie Told Me…My Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:


      The baby was 6 weeks early. His mommy was in the hospital for a week and in labor. And yes, my son is in DC. I made him promise to get the bad guys for me, lol..He said, “yes, Mother”.
      I often find myself thinking of your story. Yes, Karma would be really nice for you right about now:)

  5. Wow! So many things to be grateful for! Congrats on the new baby nephew! He looks so adorable.
    I’ve been so hurt in the past that I have prayed for karma to go knocking on someones door. It made me feel sick. Wishing for bad things to happen to someone. I want to feel vindicated (is that the right term?) and I wanted it to happen so bad that it was burning a hole in me heart. Now? I decided to let it go. What goes around comes around but I will not spend the rest of my life in the shadows of what the person did. But hearing about the 2 crooks above paying for their crimes makes me want to go Yeeehaaa! :D
    Jhanis recently posted…Mango Float RecipeMy Profile

  6. Glad to know that your dad has pulled through! It’s so difficult for us to reconcile the fact that they are aging! More strength to you!!
    Congrats on your new nephew!
    Roshni recently posted…The new placeMy Profile

  7. I think we all wish for Karma to show up at times. I am so glad your father is doing well. Congrats to your son, Washington DC is such a great city. Such a sweet little baby.

    Glad you are back!!
    Betty Taylor recently posted…Playing Soccer With My Son #166/365My Profile

  8. *** a dance campaign for women over 40, “Go Go With Hips In Motion”***

    that is so doggone COOL)))

    YOU rockkk. xx

    ps glad your daddy is okay!!
    My Inner Chick recently posted…1493 Days Since Your ExecutionMy Profile

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