Ten Things of Thankful

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Since it’s the end of the year and everyone out there is feeling all warm and fuzzy, I decided to join in on the fun of “Ten Things of Thankful” of my friend, Lizzi from Considerings . Thank you for encouraging me to participate and for being a great mentor. Your blog rocks!

This week is the last week of Ten Things of Thankful for 2013 and since I haven’t participated in any of them, I hope that Lizzi will forgive me for breaking a rule or two. Instead of writing about being thankful for the week, I’m thankful for my life in general.

I will be pouring my heart out. Some will be funny and silly and some will be sad and serious but overall, I’m a very lucky woman. I got many great opportunities in my lifetime, and I’m greatful.

1- I’m most thankful for this great country that accepted me with open arms and gave me an American Citizenship. I can thank my husband for that too. I come from a war torn place where life became unbearable at times. I’m one of the lucky ones that got to leave and build a new and successful life in the US.

2- I’m thankful for all my blogger friends. In my short 2 months of blogging, they taught me the inns and outs of a bottomless world that I knew nothing about (you can interpret it anyway you wish). I even learned how to get in “Facebook Jail” which I’m currently in for the next 5 days.  My family is proud.

3- I’m thankful that I got to know and bond with my new hair dryer yesterday.


4- I’m thankful for my husband who I believe is the most wonderful man that walked on this earth. He gave me the most beautiful and caring children, a great life and who taught me patience. Sometimes, he lets me sit around and eat Bon Bons and watch trash TV (Shahs of Sunset).

5- I’m thankful that I had my miracle baby and youngest son, Sami for reasons I cannot discuss on the account my husband had a vasectomy after our daughter was born and five years later, I was pregnant. For those of you that prefer to believe that Sami is the son of an Arab Stud, I’m sorry to dissapoint you. The White Man is the Baby Daddy.


6- I’m thankful for having so many wonderful and supportive friends around me who I can trust.

7- I’m thankful for my cousins being in a much better place this year that they were last year. For the people that came into my life and became my friends/family and supported me and my cousins when I needed them most. I’m looking forward to 2014 and a much brighter outcome.


8- I’m thankful that the Feds are no longer trailing my ass. I will blog about it when they lift their ban.. I like to think that it’s funny now.

9- I’m thankful that I got to meet Corporal Kyle Weston Wilks in Beirut in 2006. You will always be in our lives and our hearts. Thank you for your service and for giving up your life for us. I promise to keep your memory alive.

Kyle for Toys for tots

Tears from Heaven     Kyle, We know you’re smiling in Heaven :)

10- And last, I’m thankful for “Joe Floggers” column “Ask Joe”. Joe can answer any woman’s question about men. Here’s a very complex question for you and all men out there. Why do men like big boobies in their face? Please help me and my friends understand. My husband was no help and said “That’s a stupid question. Why not?”











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  1. Beautiful post. I’m a first generation American and I am so thankful that I grew up in America as opposed to….well I would be dead if my parents stayed in Russia. You might enjoy my post about my mother leaving Russia with rags on her feet. I think you would connect with the story. I love what you’re thankful for. You know what is important in this world. I’m looking forward to more of your story. Sounds quite intriguing.
    Sandra Sallin recently posted…WOW! WE’VE BEEN MARRIED 53 YEARS AND IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTERMy Profile

    • Sandra,
      I look forward to reading your post and learning more about your family. Life has been very interesting and it’s only made me a better person. As I get more comfortable in my blogging, I plan to share more. It’s much better and cheaper than therapy. Thank you for your support!

  2. Interesting mix of the serious and frivolous in your list – I enjoyed the read.

    With regards to your question about men and boobs, I thought everyone was aware of the fact that mammary gland tissue contains vital vitamins that are essential to maintaining a man’s health. The characteristic gurgling noise associated with said boobs being bounced around a man’s jowls is simply indicative of these life-sustaining ingredients passing from the boobs into the man’s bloodstream. So now you know!
    Bryan Jones recently posted…The turn-down girlMy Profile

    • Go Go Girl says:

      I must have missed the memo on the “mammary gland tissue & vital vitamins” but I’m so glad it was finally clarified. It makes a lot more sense now. Next time, the subject comes up, I will be armed with your answer :) Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.
      Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Such a great post! It sounds as if many are thankful to have you in their lives as well to share, love and some silliness in between :) Glad to have you part of our American family.. It’s what makes this country amazing and beautiful, all the diversity.. I for one embrace ALL of it! <3
    Kim @ WampumHome recently posted…Bodhi n Dharma’s list.My Profile

  4. Those are beautiful things to be thankful about sweet friend. I stand with you in gratitude for such significant blessings. XO
    Chris Carter recently posted…Pause and Pray…My Profile

  5. Thanks for reminding me…it’s always better when the Marshalls and dogs aren’t going thru the house looking for guns.

    • Go Go Girl says:

      What an awful thing to have to go through Donna!You have a new friend that will understand and never judge. Hugs:)

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